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Have a question? Look at some of our frequently asked questions!

How do I package my laundry for pickup?

Most customers use trash bags, but you may put your laundry in anything you want so long as its easy to pickup.

How much does it cost?

We charge a flat rate of $1.79/lb with a minimum order size of 15 lbs.

If I have less than the minimum order size, can you still pickup?

Yes! We are happy to take any order of any size. If the order is below our 15lb minimum, we simply charge a for 15 lbs. This is due to the costs related to picking up, dropping off and and running our equipment.

Do you do dry cleaning

We do not currently do dry cleaning.

Can you handle high volume?

Yes! We have a very large facility, that can accomidate almost any volume size, for high volume and commercial accounts, please email or call us at (775) 583-7316

Do I have to sort my clothing or provide detergent?

We are a full service wash and fold and we take care of everything,. From separating to detergent and softener (if wanted). All we need from you is your laundry.