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Wash & Fold

The simple way to do your laundry and find time for the actually important stuff.

Reno, Sparks Megawash Pickup And Deliver Wash and Fold Laundry Service

We understand that you don’t have a lot of free time available. Most people would consider doing the laundry as time consuming and a lot less important that putting in the hours in their business or at their job, or attending those special school events with their kids. This is the reason that our professional pickup and delivery wash and fold service is for you.

It can often be very late in the evening when you return home after all of the things you have been involved with during the day. Seeing those piles of clothes that need washing is just about the last thing that you need. Who enjoys doing the laundry even if you have plenty of time on your hands?

This is why the pickup and delivery service from Reno, Sparks Megawash is such a popular laundry service. These are the advantages of using it:

It’s a real Time Saver

There is nothing more precious than your time. You can always find more ways to increase your income but nobody can get more time. So we want you to use your precious time doing the things that are important to you and let the Reno, Sparks Megawash take care of your laundry for you.

We will pick up your dirty clothes at a convenient day and time for you and then wash, dry and fold your clothes expertly for you. Just go here and tell us when you would like us to pick up and let us know how much your clothes weigh.

When your clothes are ready for you we will deliver them back to you. We know that you will be amazed how clean your clothes are and how nice they smell. You will also love the way that we have folded your clothes for you.

It really is Cost Effective

You might find this hard to believe, but using the pickup and deliver Reno, Sparks Megawash service for your wash and fold is actually cost effective. You need to consider the value of our service in relation to your current lifestyle.

What price would you put on your time? Most people never think about this as they spend hours doing their laundry. Even if you are modest about the value of your time, you will find that it will cost you more to do your own laundry than to use our wash and fold service. Remember all you need to do is tell us when to pick up your clothes and we will do the rest.

And what about all of those cleaning products such as spot cleaners, washing detergent, bleach, softeners and so on? These items are expensive and you don’t need to buy any of them when you use the Reno, Sparks Megawash.

The Highest Quality Wash

You will find the very latest washing and drying machines at the Reno, Sparks Megawash. It cost us thousands to purchase these cutting edge machines and we did this to provide you with the highest quality wash. We will then dry your clothes properly and fold them expertly.

If you have never used the Reno, Sparks Megawash pickup and delivery laundry service before we will provide you with a 25% first order discount.